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Thread: Fun Ways to Learn About Each Other

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    Fun Ways to Learn About Each Other

    Part of the exciting experience of falling in love is the process of learning more about each other. This holds true for online love as well, and in some cases even more so. Sometimes, it can be difficult to start the 'opening up process' so here are some fun ways to learn more about each other!

    In your e-mail to your online love, attach a new question you'd like to have answered. Don't forget to have your love do the same. This way you can spend some real time thinking about the next question you'd like to ask! The idea is something that can be used well after the 'getting to know each other' stage!

    Everyone has their favorite items, movies, books, color, etc. Play a fun game of guessing what each other's favorites are. Agree on a list of questions about favorite things. For example, What is your favorite movie What is your favorite song etc. Then fill out what you think your partner's favorite is and swap results. You can use this idea over and over again with a new list of favorites questions. For couples who've been together for some time this can be a great way to see if you really know their favorites. )


    Your personal history is a large part of your current personality. Take your love on a 'web tour' of places in your city you currently like to visit or have gone to in the past. Most cities now have city guides so you should be able to find most major attractions and places you frequently visit there. For each place you visit, tell your love a story of something memorable, or not, that happened while you were there.

    Finally, do a love project! Set out to create a web page or similar type document that contains links and information about their interests and culture. While making your project you'll find out a lot of tidbits about your love you might not have known before.

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    boy what a long process falling in love has become. its no longer love at first sight how sad. hehehe

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