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Thread: Stronger Than I Am

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    Stronger Than I Am

    Things around here haven't changed much.
    It's still pretty much the same stuff Day after day.
    The only thing that keeps me going
    Seems to be our baby girl I'm trying to raise.
    She's my life, my morning angel.
    Always seems to find the rainbow
    After the rain.
    Lately, she's so busy growing
    I don't even think she knows you've gone away.
    She finally learned to say good-bye
    And she's sleeping through the night.
    She don't wake up crying.
    And she's walking on her own.
    She don't need no one holding to her hand.
    And I hate to admit, she's stronger than I am.
    She ain't cracking under pressure.
    First one step and then another
    She goes along.
    And if she falls and skins her knee,
    She cries a while then smiles at me
    And just goes on.
    So many things that she can teach me.
    Full of life and so completely innocent.
    She stills says she loves her daddy
    Goes on just like nothing happened.
    Forgives and forgets.


    She's just like her old man,
    She's stronger than I am...

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    ..nice one angel...

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