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Thread: Vaah Life Ho Toh Aisi

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    Vaah Life Ho Toh Aisi

    Aditya stays in a sprawling ancestral home with his extended family that includes his grandmother, younger sister, his brother's family and his orphaned niece and nephew.

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    Every moment is total dhamaal for the tigers -- hanging out with their lovable chachu Adi and the adorable Piya.

    And then something terrible happens!

    Aditya takes a huge loan confident that he can repay every paisa the moment a business deal of his comes through. Unfortunately, just when everything is smooth sailing and Aditya is to about to sign the contract, he drops dead -- the victim of a sudden heart attack.

    But is this the beginning or the end?

    Aditya's soul is now in Yamraj's possession and there is little he can do about it. Or then again a little bit of persuasion might just turn things in his favour.

    Somehow he has to convince the suited, car-driving Yamraj that it is imperative he go back to Earth and finish what he started. Yamraj reluctantly agrees and Aditya now has just 5 days to turn the fortunes of his family. Can he do it or will Lord Indira find out and whisk Aditya away?

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    poster of the movie "Vaah Life Ho Toh Aisi"

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