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Thread: healthy recipies

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    healthy recipies

    hi guys
    guess wat??
    im back wit more recipies

    1 cup sprouts
    1 cup boiled an diced potatoes
    1 cup boondi
    5 tablespoon sev
    4 tbsp green chuttney
    4 tbsp sweet chuttney
    4 tbsp curds
    pinch red chili powder
    pinch black salt
    pinch cumin powder
    pinch chat masala powder
    1/2 tsp corriander leaves
    1 tbsp anaar daana
    1)mke holes in pooris
    2)stuffthe pooris with boondi,sprouts and potatoes
    3)arrange pooris on a serving plate
    4)pour curds an chuttneys on top of the pooris
    5)sprinkle the spices an garnish wit corriander an anaar daana
    thats my recipie


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