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Thread: How men get into troubles?

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    How men get into troubles?

    One day, while a woodcutter was cutting a branch of a tree above a river,
    his axe fell into the river. When he cried out, the Lord appeared and asked,
    " Why are you crying?"
    The woodcutter replied that his axe has fallen into water, and he needed the
    axe to make his living.
    The Lord went down into the water and reappeared with a golden axe.
    "Is this your axe?" the Lord asked.
    The woodcutter replied, "No."
    The Lord again went down and came up with a silver axe. "Is this your axe? "
    the Lord asked.
    Again, the woodcutter replied, "No."
    The Lord went down again and came up with an iron axe.
    "Is this your axe?" the Lord asked.
    The woodcutter replied, "Yes."
    The Lord was pleased with the man's honesty and gave him all three axes to
    keep, and the woodcutter went home happy.
    **Now The Ultimate One****
    Some time later the woodcutter was walking with his wife along the
    riverbank, and his wife fell into the river.
    When he cried out, the Lord again appeared and asked him, "Why are you
    "Oh Lord, my wife has fallen into the water!"
    The Lord went down into the water and came up with Jennifer Lopez.
    "Is this your wife? " the Lord asked.
    "Yes," cried the woodcutter.
    The Lord was furious. "You lied! That is an untruth!"
    The woodcutter replied, "Oh, forgive me, my Lord.. It is a misunderstanding.
    You see, if I had said 'no' to Jennifer Lopez , You would have come up with
    Catherine Zeta-Jones. Then if I said 'no' to her, you would have come up
    with my wife. Had I then said 'yes,' you would have given me all three.
    Lord, I am a poor man, and am not able to take care of all three wives, so
    THAT'S why I said yes to Jennifer Lopez ."


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    Lol good one, but this is a repost, but it's ok

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    ya it is a repost......anyways no problem

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