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Thread: Can You Hear Me

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    Silly Shoes

    Can You Hear Me

    why am loving you this much
    that I can't forget you ever
    why am loving to hear your voice
    and feel to store it forever

    why am feeling to hit you lot
    and then to pat you softly..
    why am making you anger
    and annoying you with whisper...

    Why I like to be so naughty
    pulling your cheeks so stretchly
    why I can't sit a bit quietly
    and make you sit silently...


    Why I feel to jumb on you
    and hold you tightly..
    then make you disable to escape
    from my naughty deeds...

    Why am feeling to be with you..
    and do whatever am feeling
    Why am anxious to write all these
    and to paste it here intentionly....???

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    Silly Shgoes....When you love someone..or seems to do all dont worry..Hotha hai...hi!!!!

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    ....good one...thanku...

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    yes....our hearts can hear u...

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