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    q and ans

    Que : Why did Anil take a ladder to school ?
    Ans : Because he heard it was a high school !!

    Que : What is the longest word in English ?
    Ans : 'SMILES' because there is a Mile in between !!

    Que : What can you call a bull sleeping on the ground ?
    Ans : Bulldozer !!!.

    Que : What starts with a 'T', ends with a 'T' and has 'T' in it ?
    Ans : A Teapot !!!

    Que : What is always coming, but never arrives ?
    Ans : Tomorrow !!

    Que : Where does Friday, comes before Thursday ?
    Ans : In the dictionary, of course !!

    Que : What did the male telephone give to the female telephone on their engagement ?
    Ans : A Ring !!!

    Que : How did the father telephone order the son telephone to bring him nourishment ?
    Ans : Bring !!! Bring !!!

    Que : What did the father door bell say to teh son doorbell when he messed up something ?
    Ans : You are a ding - dong !!!

    Que : Which parts of the car causes most of the accidents ?
    Ans : The nuts behind the wheel !!!

    Que : What goes wrong when a horn doesn't work ?
    Ans : It doesn't give a hoot !!!


    Que : What's the similarity between a rubber factory and a speed driver ?
    Ans : They both burn rubber !!!

    Que : What's the similarity between an Antique car and a Rattle snake ?
    Ans : They both Rattle !!!

    Que : What has a head and a tail, but no legs or hands ?
    Ans : A Coin !!!

    Que : What's the common product of studying Algebra and banging your head ?
    Ans : A headache !!!

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    nice ones..

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    funny ones

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    LOL those were good!!

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