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Thread: Friends Forever

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    Friends Forever

    F-riendship should always last forever...
    R-eassuring each others company whenever, whatever.
    I-n fact, it should always take imperfections no matter,
    E-nclosing some best kept secrets tight and wish for the better.
    N-o matter how life goes, friends will always tap your back,
    D-esiring you to calm down, even how weird you sometimes act.
    S-hutting your mouth up, when you're hard-headed round the clock,

    F-eeding you good thoughts, when they see you out of tract.
    O-asis of support, they give you when you sink,
    R-ays of understanding, when you speak before you think.
    E-normous rainshower of kisses for making blue moments pink,
    V-ast clouds of love will hug you every minute, every blink.
    E-ternity or forever, thats how true friends in our heart should be,
    R-emember too it's important to keep Trust, Love, Respect and Honesty!!!


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    Wow.......nice definition...

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