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Thread: Friends 'Til The End

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    Friends 'Til The End

    Friends 'til the end,
    That's what we always said,
    Even when all hopes were dead.

    Friends 'til the end,
    We will always be,
    Nothing can ever come between you and me.

    Friends 'til the end,
    Even when nothing will bend,
    Our friendship we will always mend.

    Friends 'til the end,
    There's nothing we can't overcome,
    I know you'll be there when I need someone.

    Friends 'til the end,
    We will never part,
    As long as we have each other in our hearts.

    Friends 'til the end,
    Lies never told,
    Standing together so strong and so bold.

    Friends 'til the end,
    With nowhere to begin,
    I know I'll never be without you as a friend.


    Friends 'til the end,
    You can cry on my shoulder,
    That's what I've always told her.

    Friends 'til the end,
    Through sun and snow,
    While others still come and go.

    Friends 'til the end,
    When my light fades away,
    She brings back the sunlight into my day.

    Friends 'til the end,
    Nothing else in mind,
    Someone who's always there when you're in a bind.

    Friends 'til the end,
    All throughout time,
    I'm proud to say you're a friend of mine.

    Friends 'til the end,
    Even with a fight,
    We'll always be friends again that night.

    Friend 'til the end,
    Through thick and thin,
    A strong friendship will always win.

    Friends 'til the end,
    Through laughter and tears,
    With a friend you can overcome any fears.

    Friend 'til the end,
    We share all our dreams,
    We will make it by any means.

    Friends 'til the end,
    Our hopes will all come true,
    There's no other pair like me and you.

    Friends 'til the end,
    Through highs and lows,
    When we're together anything goes.

    Friends 'til the end,
    We're in the same boat,
    But it will always stay afloat.

    Friends 'til the end,
    I'll never be alone again,
    As long as I have you as a friend.

    Friends 'til the end,
    No matter what people say,
    We will always go our own way.

    We may take other paths,
    And go separate ways,
    But we'll always meet at the bend,
    Because we're friends 'til the end.

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    hmmm............We are friends till the end..

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    nice post.....gud one

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    yes very nice thats what friends are.whether there in person or not always in thought

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