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Thread: virus plz help me

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    virus plz help me



    i am using xp-sp2 and nod32 my system is infected with a virus the result is when ever i right click on any drive on open and explore place it shows some chinnese language so plz help me

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    Do one thing scan ur system with the anti-virus u have. Eset NOD32 right? Make a complete scan delete all virus when the results show up. But ur anti-virus program should be updated. Or try one thing go to and download the 30 day trial system. And make a scan with that. Bcose currently Kaspersky is the strongest anti-virus software all over the world. Or if u want on the main page of Kaspersky on the top right there is a free scan option that will scan ur system online itself. So try that before you download and install.

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    Are you using any virus scan? Is it updated one?
    If you have any updated virus scan run your system in safemode(run full scan). Once it completed means open commend prompt and use the following command
    C:\del autorun.inf

    and restart your system once.

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    Well dear i'v solution for this but may b mine this reply now shown so i am trying to tell u let c what happens

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    nice so my dear fellow u have to reboot ur pc in dos mod and u have to copy 1 file named deltree.exe whic u can eaisly get from win98 cd copy that file in ur root directory and use this command c:\deltree autorun.inf....... and press ... y .... for yes ...
    repeat this for ur all drives
    now reboot
    n enjoy........

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