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Thread: Home Remedies - Sinusitis

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    Home Remedies - Sinusitis

    Taking a teaspoon of lemon juice everyday will help reduce sinus headaches

    Eating foods rich in zinc or taking zinc supplements helps cure sinus infections

    Performing steam inhalations will help reduce the pain from sinus headaches. Adding eucalyptus oil, cough drops, garlic or any other medicinal herbs to the boiling water will help increase the effectiveness of the inhalation.

    Eating bulbs such as garlic and onion is an effective remedy for sinusitis. Initially these should be eaten in mild doses, and the dosage increased gradually. Adding herbs to these will increase the potency of the treatment.

    Fenugreek seeds are another effective remedy for sinusitis. Prepare a tea of these seeds by boiling one teaspoon of seeds in 250 ml of water and drink. This will induce perspiration and help reduce the headache.

    Inhaling the vapours of black cumin seeds will provide relief from sinusitis. Another remedy is consuming a mixture of 100 gm of roasted and ground cumin seeds and 200 gm of pure honey.


    Carrot juice is an effective remedy in the treatment of sinusitis. The juice can be taken separately or in combination with beet and cucumber, or spinach juice. The total quantity of juice drunk should be around 500 ml.

    A diet rich in vitamins A and C is the best way to cure sinusitis. The diet should include whole milk, curds, egg yolk, pumpkin, carrots, leafy vegetables, tomatoes, mangoes, papaya, oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits.

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