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Thread: Inside Of Me

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    Inside Of Me

    by Jay Scott


    If you could see inside my soul
    see inside my heart
    you would know how I long for you
    whenever we're apart

    If you could see inside my head
    if thoughts were things to see
    you would know how I cherish you
    how much you mean to me

    In all the ways you comfort me
    the way you hold me near
    the way you know just what to do
    to chase away my fear

    The sparkle in your beautiful eyes
    your smile, laugh, your touch
    are just a few of many reasons
    I love you oh so much

    Knowing I can talk to you
    about any and everything
    and knowing together we will get
    through whatever life may bring

    I could search the whole world over
    and this I know is true
    I would never find another love
    like the love I found with you

    Though with each new day, each sunrise
    we can't know what's in store
    there is one thing I know for sure
    each day I love you more

    So if you could see inside my head
    if thoughts were things to see
    you would know I blessed I feel
    to have you here with me

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    Guest niec poem...

    In love these are the things we feel be always loyal to ur heart murmer....

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    hmmmmmmmmm hema i m trying to be loyal to my heart ......thanks sunshine

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    hmm really wispers of heart r low but once heard r strong follow

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