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Thread: You Walked Lightly

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    You Walked Lightly

    by Tracey Newson

    You walked lightly into my life
    Captivating and lovely to my mind,
    At first, I never cared who you were
    Now I donít know who I am without you,
    You kissed me
    I felt my world change,
    You held me
    I heard my heart awaken,
    You loved me
    And my soul was born anew
    You walked lightly into my life
    Now my heart knows who you are
    And with every breath
    And every step
    I take down lonely roads,
    Your hand is my staff
    Your voice is my guide
    Your strength my shelter
    Youíre passion my awakening.
    You walked lightly into my life,
    And all my pain
    You took as your own,
    And all my fears
    You cast into the sea,
    All my doubt
    Lost in your eyes,
    You walked lightly into my life
    And no matter if you choose to stay or go,
    My life is forever changed,
    Just because you loved me
    For a moment in time.
    And because I choose
    To love you
    For the rest of mine.


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    Guest nice poem...

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    .....ash this poem is soooooooooooo lovely.....

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    hmmmm ya i know sunshine ...............thanks hema

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    hmm sweet poem on love....gud one ashu

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