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Thread: Introduce yourself here

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    Introduce yourself here

    hello every one. i m minakshi from bhubaneswar. .
    how are you all?
    i m new in nidokidos group.
    need your help to proceed further.


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    hello minakshi..welcome to the nidos family.....

    ya go on we all here to help and we r all like one big family and new members are always welcome...

    i hope u will feel the same....

    take care

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    hi minakshi ,welcome to the family ! come on, you will do better !

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    welcome buddy
    have anice time here

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    hi there

    nice to see your reply.

    i will definitely try to do better.


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    hi there.

    i want to send one life time calender.

    but the excel attachment is allowed. why is it so?

    and also one more question i ve to ask and that is if i have to send a

    msg to a person who is nt from the nido family , what i ve to do?

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    well ur first problem......excel....well frnd u can upload it on free sites and give link here to that download...plz don't use rapidshare...there r 100 of sites for free uploadings...

    and second u want to contact members not from nidos family that case u will have to ask them there other, msn...etc etc as far i know...

    still any problems do tell ...hope ur problems were solved...if not ...then surely they will be solved in a week by other members

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    Warm welcome my friend..

    Me- Hema...nice to meet you minakshi...

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    thanx cool napster.
    if u remember i had asked you that i want to send mail to my frnd who is not a nido member. they have other ids. i want to sens files with out attachment.i m receiving mails from nidokidos without attachmaent . so can you tell me how to do that.

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