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Thread: Goodbye to bad and unhealthy skin

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    Goodbye to bad and unhealthy skin

    If you want a healthy glowing skin first learn how to look after it and clean well.

    Determine your skin type
    There is no magic potion that can make ugly spots and pimples disappear overnight. But there are ways to rejuvenate the skin and bring it back to good health. Experts agree that taking regular care of your skin is the only way you can avoid problems and delay the ageing process. So cleanse, tone, moisturise and nourish your skin everyday. Within a week you will feel the difference. The skin has tremendous powers of self-regeneration when properly cared for and it is never too late to start.

    Irrespective of the skin type, a thorough cleansing is a must. A film of dirt, stale sweat, oil deposits, stale make-up and other pollutants cover the skin and these are potent skin irritants. Cleanse your skin, according to your skin type. Splash your face with water then massage with a gentle face wash and work it up to a lather for about 30 seconds. A light massage will boost the supply of blood to the surface of your skin. Rinse until the soapy trace is removed. Pat dry your skin with a soft towel to absorb residual water from the surface of your skin.

    Toning is again necessary for all skin types. It should follow immediately after cleansing. This helps in refreshing the skin. A good toning method is to keep cotton wool pads soaked in a bowl of skin tonic (any toner) in the refrigerator. After cleansing the skin, wipe with the skin toning pads and then pat the skin briskly with your finger tips. This stimulates the blood circulation. Gentle stroking movements can also be followed.

    The most important part of the skin care routine is moisturising. Smooth your skin with moisturising lotions. Dot lotion onto your face, then massage it with your fingertips using light, upward strokes. This will leave a protective film on the skin, allowing make-up to be easily applied and ensuring there is a balanced moisture content .

    Nourishing is a way of supplying emollients to the skin so that it can hold moisture better and perform its other functions. Use nourishment cream with Vitamin A to relieve dryness and maintain skin elasticity.

    One should go in for a facial at least once a month. But before going in for a facial it is advisable to sit with the beautician to determine the skin type, its sensitivity and the damage on the skin. Facials must suit the skin type. Facials meant for tightening the skin is not meant for youngsters. Avoid facials that involve bleaches and scrubs. Scrubs sometimes leave the skin with ugly tiny grains making it rough. You know that your facial is going wrong is when the skin feels extremely dry and patchy, so watch out for those symptoms.

    Hair care depends on the type of hair and differs from person to person, but one important tip for everyone is to keep the scalp free of oil and dirt. People with extremely oily hair can wash it everyday, those with normal hair can wash hair twice or thrice a week, and people with extremely dry hair should go in for a deep conditioning treatment before washing the hair. Oiling hair twice a week is advisable for people with extremely dry scalp, while those with an oily scalp should oil their hair once in 15 days.


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