Well! When you are told not to read this article, then why are you
reading it? Listen! I am warning you that keep reading this topic may
cause troubles for you. Okay, first of all, let me update your
knowledge that this article is not published for any Tom, Dick and
Harry like you, it has published for some kind of distinctive people.
Oh my dear! You are not getting my cautionary advice. It seems that
you don't have good manners. Listen! You are not supposed to deal
with the people in this tune. Look! Your conduct is intolerable.
Please! Please! Please! STOP READING RIGHT NOW. I think you are out
of mind.

You have been forbidden to read this but you have decided to read
till the end. Are you one of the successors of Changaiz Khan? I think
you are. Yes! You are, I instructed you to stop reading, but you are
on your way to keep reading with idiotic and foolish smile. I am
trying to tell you that reading this topic is not beneficial for you,
there are other so many informative articles are published in this
magazine, you may read them, but you have make your mind up to read
this article. Oh my. . .!, Your attitude shows that you have lent
your mind, Oh dear! how unrealistic I am, It is obvious that if you
have mind, you might consider my advices, warning and cautions. You
are not complying with my request, warnings and appeals. Oh God! I
think, you have sworn to your ancestors to read it from tip to toe. I
think you are not going to keep away yourself from reading this
article, I myself going to end it here. THE END