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Thread: Words of wisdom

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    Words of wisdom

    If you plant honesty, You will reap trust
    If you plant goodness, You will reap friends
    If you plant humility, You will reap greatness
    If you plant perseverance, You will reap victory
    If you plant consideration, You will reap harmony
    If you plant hard work, You will reap success
    If you plant forgiveness, You will reap reconciliation
    If you plant openness, You will reap intimacy
    If you plant patience, You will reap improvements
    If you plant faith, You will reap miracles



    If you plant dishonesty, You will reap distrust.
    If you plant selfishness, You will reap loneliness
    If you plant pride, You will reap destruction
    If you plant envy, You will reap trouble
    If you plant laziness, You will reap stagnation.
    If you plant bitterness, You will reap isolation
    If you plant greed, You will reap loss
    If you plant gossip, You will reap enemies
    If you plant worries, You will reap wrinkles
    If you plant sin, You will reap guilt

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    100% Right.............right na???

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    too good...
    keep it up..

    @hemas- yes... u r right

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