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Thread: The Last Day We Spent Together

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    The Last Day We Spent Together

    Now we are here again
    Up here on your roof
    The whole world down there can for all i care
    Go under tonight
    Are we for the last time together
    It has just started recently


    In case this day is the last one
    Please do not tell me yet
    In case this is the end for us
    Don't tell
    Not yet

    Is it already the day after
    Where all the clocks stand still
    Where it's finished at horizon
    And all the dreams go to sleep
    Are we for the last time together
    It has just started recently

    This is the last day
    This is the last day
    Is this the last rain up here on your roof
    Is this the last blessing and our last night
    Has our end yet began, whatever we are still together


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    u r now a poet...

    keep it up..!

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    Ending is the beginning of something.....Keep your hope always shinning ....never fail to trust the unknown future to God...Everything is for Fine!!!

    Have A Nice New Year...

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    Nice post da....u r a gr8 poet...keep it up...but so much sadness and pain....

    "The day I Hope Never Comes"

    "The Last Day We Spent Together"

    "When THings Slip From Ur Hand When HEart Wants To Hold On"

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    thanks u allllllllllll

    special thanks to devil

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