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Thread: Interview with Katrina!

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    Interview with Katrina!

    From ramp to screen, from print to celluloid, it has been quite a journey for Katrina Kaif. With her stunning looks and dainty demeanor, she hardly skips a chance to woo her fans. Of late, Katrina has been making a lot of news owing to her alleged split with beau Salman Khan and her big release ‘Welcome’. In this interview, we get Katrina Kaif to spill the beans about her latest ongoing.

    Excerpts from an Interview:

    Katrina of late you have been seen doing a lot of comedy films. Is it a deliberate move or just a coincidence?

    Well, it’s more of a coincidence than a planned move. But I’ve no complains to make as I feel my going has really been good thus far. I’ve learnt a lot over the years from my co-stars, be it Govinda or Salman or Akshay. I feel that I’ve matured as a performer and now I am using my skills to accentuate my performance.

    As far as comedy is concerned, I’ve been quite lucky with it. But I am looking forward to try out other genres as well. I would like to make my mark in other kind of films also. Next year I’ve got many interesting films in the pipeline and I’m looking forward to doing it.

    Your next release ‘Welcome’ boasts of a whole lot of actors. You have paired up with Akshay earlier and have also starred with Anil Kapoor. Share with us your experience in the film?

    Yes, I’ve worked with Anil earlier and feel that he is a tremendous actor. This would be my third film with Anil after ‘Race’ and ‘Humko Deewana Kar Gaye’. It amazes me to see how much Anil can add up to his character. In all the past films, I’ve seen him playing different characters altogether. It’s always a learning experience to see him perform. He is out and out a professional and is extremely committed to his craft.

    How was it working with Nana Patekar?
    Well, initially I was very apprehensive of meeting him. But when we met, things just eased up for me.

    We clicked at the very first day on the sets of ‘Welcome’. He is a sweet person. We both are so much dissimilar and this is what I think made us bond greatly on the sets. He was so kind to me. He would often feed me with advices and would also spend a lot of time polishing my skills. It was a great experience to work with somebody like him.

    And Feroz Khan…

    (Laughs) Feroz Khan is a charmer and there are no two ways about that. Everybody knows what a pleasing personality he is. On the sets, he was a motivating force, always pampering us with compliments and all the nice words. I didn’t get to share much screen space with him but the little I did was a sweet experience.
    What makes Welcome a crowd puller?

    Welcome is a hardcore entertainment flick. I think cinema should be light and it should entertain. Welcome exactly does that. Again, it isn’t just any thoughtless comedy. Rather it is a film that motivates you to think too.

    Anees Bazmee’s comedies are very witty and smart at the same time which I think is the criteria for any good slapstick.

    How comfortable are you working with your favorite co-star Akshay Kumar?
    Well I’ve done quite a few films with Akshay. Actually, when you work with one person over and over again, you tend to know much more about him, his reactions and doings. I think that helps you to deliver easily. It makes the improvisation all the more easier. I think in my case that has worked.
    So what kind of person Akshay is on the sets?

    Akshay is a tireless soul who can keep talking and talking without any pause. He is truly very energetic. Like on the sets you will always find him in one corner with a large group of people and he is forever narrating one thing or the other to them. I wonder if he ever gets tired. But it’s nice. His energy always lights up the entire ambience.

    Lastly, Katrina tell us, does all the hearsays bother you anyway?

    Well, that’s part and parcel of the entire showbiz game and I absolutely have no complains with it unless it tends to be coarse and personally hurting. At times, it does offend but then you have to take it. As long as you don’t take it seriously, it’s not a problem.


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