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Thread: Practical tips to help forgetfulnes

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    Practical tips to help forgetfulnes

    Have you been ticked off by friends for not wishing them on their birthdays or anniversaries? Have you angered relatives for not calling them when they were sick or were shifting and needed help? Did you forget to send flowers to the boss on his anniversary? Then you must be a dreamy scatter-brain who has your head in the clouds and always gets into trouble for being forgetful. Here are practical tips to help you out.

    1.Finish the job immediately.
    There is no better way to deal with forgetfulness than to finish off the work as soon as you think about it. The chances of forgetting arise only when you leave the chore pending.
    Let me assure you that it's worth excusing yourself from your friend's company to switch the gas off in time than to have burnt rice or a burst pressure cooker! The same goes for small jobs like mending clothes, hanging clothes for drying or even nagging your hubby. Even if your favourite TV show is going on, make it a point to do your task during long commercial breaks. After all, what are these breaks meant for?

    2. Make a list.
    Get into the habit of making lists to avoid forgetting things. It works like magic. Keep lists everywhere - in the kitchen, in the bedroom and even near the telephone.A list can be made not only for shopping but also for jobs that you keep forgetting.

    3. Keep a diary.
    Always keep a diary to note down appointments, birthdays or anniversaries, if you are fond of sending cards. Also add it to your list one week ahead. That will give you enough time to buy a card and post it too.

    4. Planner.
    Maintain a planner. Stick it behind the front door where you go a hundred times a day. Try using different colours for writing different events. That will catch your attention better.

    5. Use the alarm more often.
    Alarms are generally used when one has to get up early in the morning. But try it as a reminder and wow! It works efficiently.

    6. Chits also help.
    Try this simple trick. Make chits of all your pending jobs and stick them on your fridge with the help of magnetic stickers. You can buy a reminder board too.

    7. Hubby's reminder.
    What happens when you are very systematic and well-organised but your husband is the type who keeps forgetting? Things that are very important to you are "absurd" for him!
    Paste the yellow sticking-type chits inside his briefcase. So,whenever he opens the briefcase, the chit will catch his eyes and attention. This will keep him reminded many times throughout the day and he dare not make an excuse of forgetting any tasks.

    8. Remind your kids too.
    Children are naturally careless. They need to be reminded about everything. Although you nag your children reminding them of certain pending tasks the whole day, you find that they seem to be enjoying every bit of your irritation! If it concerns school, like fee payment, buying of books or even asking a teacher about something, make a slip and keep it in the child's pencil box to remind him of his tasks.

    9. Last advice.
    Even if nothing works, don't get disheartened. Here is something unusual It's a little silly but really works. Keep something upside down or do something odd like keeping a chair on the dining table or an empty bucket on the briefcase!
    Finally, even after all these suggestions if you are plagued by forgetfulness, just don't bother. After all, we are all human and to err is human!

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    nice post helpful....but i don't have hubby ...lolz nice share da

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    good post..>!!!

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