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Thread: A Strange Trial

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    A Strange Trial

    A young woman several months pregnant boarded a bus.

    She noticed a young man smiling at her she began feeling humiliated on account of her condition.

    She changed her seat and he seemed more amused.

    She moved again and then on her third move he burst out laughing .... ........ ....She had him arrested.

    When the case came before the court, the young man was asked why he acted in such a manner.


    His reply was: When the lady boarded the bus I couldn't help noticing she was pregnant. She first sat under an advertisement,

    Which read: 'Coming Soon: The Gold Dust Twins' .

    I was even more amused when she changed her seat and went to sit under a shaving advertisement,

    Which read: 'William's Stick Did The Trick '.

    Then I could not control myself any longer when on the third move she sat under an advertisement,

    Which read: ' Dunlop Rubber would have prevented this accident.'

    And The case was dismissed... .....!!!

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    Haha nice one, but this is a repost.... Sorry!!

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    good one...!!!
    i don't remember of the repost

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