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Thread: How to Walk in High Heels

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    How to Walk in High Heels

    If you are afraid to walk in heels you are limiting yourself from purchasing some of the cutest shoes. Vanity aside, there are also some situations where heels really are more appropriate than flats. You might not wear them often, but all women should own and know how to walk in at least one pair.

    Unfortunately, there are no quick tips that will instantly make you able to walk in heels. It takes practice, practice, and more practice.

    Start with a low or thick heel. Once you get comfortable walking in that you can gradually increase to a higher one. Starting with really high heels is just going to discourage you.
    There is no need to jump right to stilettos. Platforms, wedges and stacked heels also give you the same height and illusion of longer legs and are easier to walk in.

    Heels can be especially stressful on your feet, back and neck so stretch your legs before and after you spend hours on your feet in heels.

    When walking in heels, walk with your legs straight and keep them as close together as your can. High heels can throw off your balance, especially if you aren't used to them so be sure to use your arms to help keep you standing straight. Also keep your chin up and shoulders back.

    When first learning, take smaller strides at and be sure to put the heel down first when walking. You want the pressure and weight to land on the heel itself, not on your toes.

    Avoid slippery, slushy or rocky pavement. Your heels can easily sink into soft ground and it is much easier to slip in them than it is in flats. Also watch out for grates and cracks that your heel could get stuck in. Not only is this embarrassing, but it can also ruin your shoe.

    If heels start to hurt your feet after wearing them for a few hours, be sure to give them a rest. If you go out to a restaurant or are at your desk at work, slip them off for a little while and stretch out your feet. If you wear heels at work, bring a pair of flats to wear on your commute to and from home.

    You can also get inserts for your heels to help you regulate your center of gravity. This stops the ache often caused by long term heel wear.


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