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Thread: Get Great Skin from Your Kitchen with the Honey Pat

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    Get Great Skin from Your Kitchen with the Honey Pat

    With dryer air and colder weather come a whole new season of beauty problems. And if you're like me and you find that lotion and exfoliating scrubs just aren't solving your ailments, read on for some worthwhile, easy and inexpensive beauty tips for the holidays.

    The Honey Pat
    Start with a clean and dry face.

    Squeeze a small amount of honey onto your finger tips, enough to spread a thin layer over your face and neck.

    Smooth on over your face and neck.

    Once you have a thin even layer, pat your face and neck repeatedly with your hands. You'll notice that the honey becomes tacky and sticky. Continue to pat all over your face and neck for about five minutes.

    What you're doing here is not only gently exfoliating your skin, by lightly pulling off dead skin cells, but you're also helping circulation, which I believe is what makes the honey pat deliver far better results that merely exfoliating alone.

    Feel free to use the honey pat anywhere you like, face, neck, chest, legs, or you name it, to get beautiful glowing skin. Don't forget to use the honey pat on your lips as a gentle way to relieve chapped and dry lips. After you've patted for about 5 minutes simply rinse the honey off with warm water.

    Follow the honey pat with a super intense moisturizing treatment.

    Using a daily moisturizer is just one of the most important factors in having beautiful skin all year round. However, this time of year many of us need a little extra to keep us looking our best. I find that simple Vaseline is one of the best products out there to keep your skin looking great.

    After using the honey pat, do not dry your skin. Simply smooth a bit of Vaseline on your face and neck just as you would a regular moisturizer. It may feel a bit slimy and gross, but if you can resist the urge to wipe it off the results will worth tolerating the ickyness. Once again, Vaseline is just about the best thing on any store shelf to cure dry, chapped lips, so be sure to smooth some on over your kisser too.


    For best results use the honey pat and Vaseline moisture treatment before you go to bed and wake up with soft and glowing skin. Or if you have a big day you want to look your best for use it in the morning, but reduce the amount of Vaseline you use, so you don't end up looking greasy.

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