Around 50 vintage cars from around the world took part in a rally in southern India. The cars, ranging from the Classic Austin to the suave Bentley, were showcased as part of a summer festival in Ootacamund.

Around 50 vintage cars, along with motorcycles and jeeps from across India, took part in the eighth annual vintage rally on Thursday. The rally was part of a summer festival at Ootacamund, a hill station in India's southern state of Tamil Nadu.

Among the classic golden oldies were the Austin, Buick, Morris, Dodge, Chevrolet, Studebaker, Plymouth, Fiat, Ford and Landmaster.

[Babu, Rally Organisers]:
"It's the eighth successful car show, which we are holding in Nilgiris today, and around 50 cars have come from from Andhra, Kerala and Karnataka. In this you will see Wellsely, Austin, Plymouth, Dodge, and Cowley brands. These vehicles are English, American, German and Russian. We are very proud to hold this rally."

The annual vintage car rally is a major attraction for tourists from across the country, and has been improving every year.

[Srinivas, Tourist]:
"I have been coming from the very beginning, from the first year to the seventh year. We have come with our family. Every year they are developing cars and bikes. The first time they only had 22 vehicles, then the next year it became 36, now they have 56 cars in it. And the bikes and two wheelers as well, nearly 50 vehicles. Next year I think it will be 100."

The Nilgiris District Collector Archana Patnayak flagged off the rally.

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