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Thread: ARE U IN LOVE???---------TEST

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    ARE U IN LOVE???---------TEST


    When u r together with that person, u pretend 2 ignore that person - U R IN LUV

    If u r much more excited 4 one short msg from that person than many other long msgs - U R IN LUV.

    When u cant erase ur inbox coz of 1 msg from that person - U R IN LUV.


    U keep telling urself that he/she is just a friend - U R IN LOVE.

    WHILE READING THIS MSG, if sumbody comes 2 ur mind - U R IN LUV WITH THAT PERSON

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    hmm....no1 came in2 my mind...lolz

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    hmmm nice

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    Am in love....and I would like to be so....forever!

    Being in Love is not a crime but a blessing of God!

    It is not neccessary that we should be in love with humanbeings only...we can be in love with our pets, with our own heart,with music, even with our mobiles..... no matter whether it is a living or an unliving thing...If a thing is providing you immense pleasure, making ur heart to bloom....and making it nervous when unseen....then decide it, you are in love....!!!!

    Try to communicate with can observe that even the unliving things can talk, hear....and even can understand you...more than anyone else...!!!

    Love is the medicine which can cure every disease....One's smile, One's care, One's soothing word.., One's touch, even One's appearence can cure every illness of a mind....

    Don't you feel nice when you see a rising Sun....
    Don't you feel nice when a wind gently passes by U..
    Dont you feel nice when a dog wags his tail while seeing you..?
    Dont you feel nice when your mobile rings when you think of ur dear friend..
    Don't you feel nice when a bird replies you when you makes the similar voice.....

    You are in love dear friend.....!

    The only difference is that being in love with all these will never give you pain...but being in love with human beings or with opposite sex sometimes may give you a bundles of grief to grind silently...!!!

    hi....So be in love...It's God's Blessing!

    Sweety, nowadays ur topics are making me to write. Earlier it was Lina's post that made me to write like you are also inspiring me..Thanks dear!

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    well...i don't know.....but hema....u have too much knowledge

    well love is when u can make hema writes these lines....

    love is when u miss someone......

    love is when u pray for...ya love is in everything u do

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    Guest nice to see you back yaar!

    First I thought I wont welcome you. Y know...bcoz nowadays you are becoming only a mere visitor of ur forum. Though it is our custom to welcome our guest...But it doesn't mean that the we should welcome our own members who are staying away and making their appearence only once in a year....!!!!

    hi..just kidding yaar. nice to see you here. Make the moments rocking...

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