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Thread: Use Yahoo Smilies in any Forums

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    Use Yahoo Smilies in any Forums

    hi guys ... i came across this software that allows u to use the smiles at any forum including warez ..... hope u guys enjoy using it.

    What is GigaSmilies?

    GigaSmilies is a Free Smilies Application that lets you to use Smilies on any Bulletin Boards .

    How to use GigaSmilies?

    GigaSmilies is very simple to use. Just Click on the smiley you want to add in the forum. The Smiley URL along with the Code will be copied to clipboard automatically. Then you can simply paste it in the forum to insert the smiley!

    You can minimize to System Tray


    BB Code Copy Status

    GigaSmilies v1.1 - Yahoo Edition

    Description: This version contains 90+ Yahoo! Messenger Smilies.

    System Requirements:
    Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Sempron
    256 MB SDRAM at 133 Mhz
    VGA Display
    Windows 98, XP and Vista
    Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0


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    nice ...but i have different..i have shortcuts for all lolz...nice share

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    then share that shortcut would be nice for all of us na......???

    nice day yaar..

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    let me see it

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    well guys u never look back on old post...lolz....

    well this is very old post...check it out i will upload latest in few days

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    anyway tanx for posting the link friend

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