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Thread: Can junk food ever really be good for you?

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    Can junk food ever really be good for you?

    Some new snack food health claims may be a stretch, nutrition experts say

    At a time when Americans are struggling with obesity and not eating enough vegetables, some major food marketers claim they have an answer. Keen to tap into consumer interest in healthier fare, companies are rolling out snacks sprinkled with what they say are real servings of fruits and veggies.

    But nutrition experts say you shouldn't be fooled by their better-for-you promises.

    Frito-Lay touts its new line of Flat Earth crisps as “impossibly good” because the baked squares contain more nutrients and less fat than regular snack chips. Kraft's recently launched Nabisco Garden Harvest line of whole-grain chips promises a half-serving of fruit or vegetables in every serving. And the new Jell-O Fruit Passions, also from Kraft, boasts a full serving of fruit per cup.


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    ....good info dietician..!

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    cool info

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    nice info...

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    cheers to all

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