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Thread: Some People Canít Recognize Faces

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    Some People Canít Recognize Faces

    Itís normal to forget names and faces. I have yet to meet a person who can recall every person he has met. Normally though, we often have recollections of faces we have encountered and simply forget the names. Itís an entirely different story for people with prosopagnosia.

    Prosopagnosia is also known as face blindness and is a disorder in which a person has problems recognizing faces. Individuals with this condition may suffer in varying degrees. Severely afflicted people however may not be able to recognize family, friends and even themselves. In some cases, a person may even find it hard to differentiate between faces and objects.

    Prosopagnosia may be caused by severe head injuries or it may run in the family.


    Fact or Fiction?

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    ..hmm..interesting..but sad...

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    yes... but a good post..

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    hmm gud post

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    cheeers sunshine......and sweety for replies

    and shalin u welcome dear

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