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Thread: Screen Friends

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    Screen Friends

    by Miasartiff

    My husband has finally gone to work
    My children have finished their play
    they've gone to bed their stories read
    Now it's my time of day.

    I've had one of those days
    you know what I mean
    so I sit back and relax
    and turn on my screen.


    I'll talk to all my friends
    who know just what to say
    to make my stresses go
    and my troubles fade away.

    My friends you're always there for me
    whenever I feel blue
    and though we've never met before
    I know our friendships true.

    And although we haven't been friends for long
    in this short time it seems
    we shared so many things already
    our hopes, our fears, our dreams.

    We come from different walks of life
    but we share a common bond
    and it's time to say that of all of you
    I've grown so very fond.

    So thank you friends for being there
    whenever I've needed you
    I know you're always there for me
    and you know I'm there for you.

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    Guest nice Post Ash..liked it!

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    ....Ash its a lovely poem...

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    ya we share a lot with screen friends then with the frnds in real

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