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    by Brier

    Sitting alone in a quiet corner,
    Looking out at the people in the room.
    To have just one of them notice me,
    Would break down this solitary tomb.

    Such a tomb have I created,
    So sturdy, so tall, so secure, so strong.
    I used to think this was where I belonged,
    But I get the feeling I may have been wrong.

    Why have I chosen to live like this?
    The answer, my dear, evades even me.
    Perhaps because I think it is safe,
    Or perhaps it's because they won't let me be.


    Have you ever built a wall around you?
    Encased yourself in an impenetrable shell?
    Sometimes it may feel like it is right,
    When actually you're trapped in a prison cell.

    But now you're a captive, just like me,
    You're stuck inside of it, can't you see??
    No matter how you plead, no one listens,
    Can't you hear me? I'm screaming, "Please! Help me!"

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    nice one ash!!!

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    Come....Am listening you...hihi!

    Nice post...ash!

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    ....hmmm..its about loneliness na...good one ash..!

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    why ur poems r speaking out loud od lonely persons...r u okay

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