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Thread: Loss of Innocence

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    Loss of Innocence

    by Loved and Lost

    When we first met I made you promise
    you would never leave,
    then I told you of the demons,
    and how they made me bleed.


    I made you promise crazy things,
    but your words were not enough.
    I couldn't believe you loved me
    I thought to love me was too tough.

    When I cry about my past
    and say that I'm ashamed
    I know I am the only one
    who is to be blamed.
    Then you crawl in bed beside me
    and say that it's ok-
    so I cry for my loss of innocence
    and the things I gave away.

    When I can't sleep through the night,
    when I toss and turn in bed,
    you wrap your arms around me
    and chase the demons from my head.
    You say don't talk about the past
    you tell me that it's gone,
    you say since we're together now
    it's time that I move on,
    you say that I'm your angel
    but if you only knew
    the kind of thoughts I think
    and what I used to do.
    You tell me it doesn't matter
    and that you love me anyway-
    so I cry for my loss of innocence
    and the things I gave away.

    I never felt a thing
    before you touched my heart
    and when you touched my body,
    I thought I'd fall apart.
    When you kiss my lips,
    I feel you deep within my soul
    then you wrap your arms around me
    and say you'll never let me go.

    When I tremble at your tenderness
    and melt in your arms,
    I know you really love me,
    and you'll keep me safe from harm
    you know I've never loved
    or been loved in any kind of way-
    so I cry for my loss of innocence
    and the things I gave away.

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    ashu....what i can is that author is gr8 who could express so much

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    But Wat I have to say is.....Dont worry my author!
    Here watever happens is all a part of dont cry on ur lost of can indeed gain it...right na?

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    ash.. u r too good....
    posting all 2gether

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