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Thread: My Own Bed Of Roses

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    My Own Bed Of Roses

    by Leigh Anne Dawson


    To lie in a bed of roses,
    To feel the silkiness against my skin,
    The fragrance
    How it comforts me,
    Though feeling so alone,
    Once again.
    There was a time
    When skies weren't cloudy,
    And it seldom ever rained,
    But as the clouds begin to rumble,
    Once again there's so much pain.
    So I'll lie in my bed of roses,
    And wait till the storm subsides,
    And use the petals from my bed,
    To wipe away the tears I've cried.

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    so difficult to digest them all in single day....nice

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    ..nice poem...

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    well sunny u have to digest it all in oneday coz u come rarely nowadays

    & thanks sunshine

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    ..! good one...!

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    Ash Nothing to say yaar........I know you wrote it bcoz of the pain...... which is unbearable! So I wont say Nice...but well done atleast you tried to express it na....Some couldn't even express You Know...!???

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