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    I'd like to magic myself to the moon,
    And fly across strange seas -
    I'd like to drift to the evening stars
    And float on a scented breeze.

    I'd like to play in the minds of Man,
    In the songs and the dirt and the tears,
    And dance to the joys of Woman's life,
    In her doubts and her pain and her fears.


    I'd like to dream as a child must dream,
    Slipping away to the sky,
    I'd like to call with the calls of wild things
    And fly as the wild things fly.

    I'd like to yearn like a Mother,
    And mourn each passing day,
    And grow with the shoots of the things that grow
    And stay where silence must stay.

    I'd like to think to my soul's hiding place,
    And stand before my God,
    And all the strangeness of Life as it's lived
    Would be lived by my life as his word.

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    again. .a good one... on dreamz

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    me flying after reading this huge collection

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    thanks shalin

    come back sunny ......lolz

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    wow..nice one ash.......!

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    ..good one..kool...

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