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Thread: Home Remedies For Fever

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    Home Remedies For Fever

    Home Remedies For Fever

    1. You can soak 10-15 Raisins in Water, crush the raisins in the same water and strain it and drink it. This is a very helpful home remedy.

    2. Holy Basil(Tulsi) is another equally effective home remedy for fever. You can boil it in 2 cups of water and drink it. You can add some honey when boiling it.

    3. Drinking Ginger tea will help.


    4. Mix a pinch of Turmeric in a glass of warm Milk and drink.

    5. Bittergourd is also helpful in bringing down temperature.

    6. Make some Mint Tea and drink. It will help.

    7. Mix honey, lime juice and some ginger juice and have it. It is very effective.

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    ....i'm going to try this the next time i have a fever..thanks Sweety..!

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    hmmm i will try it too if anything wrong u beaware...lolz just kidding...nice info

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