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Thread: Whiten the nails........

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    Whiten the nails........

    There are times you may want to go without nail polish and
    realize after removing your polish that the nails are yellow.
    Smoking can cause nails to turn yellow as well as wearing nail
    polish in dark colors. There are a re few things you can do to
    whiten the nails and remove the yellow easily...


    Lemon...Probably the easiest way is to slice a lemon in half and
    stick your fingers in the halve for a few minutes. The natural
    acids in a lemon will whiten the nail...

    If the yellow is a little more stubborn, soak your nails in a
    50-50 solution of water and hydrogen peroxide. This will clean
    the nails nicely...

    A whitening toothpaste can be brushed on and scrubbed gently with
    a clean toothbrush to whiten the nails...

    Some people soak their yellowed nails in a bowl with solution of
    water and a few drops of bleach...

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    Not for me...
    Coz I am a boy.. so I don't apply Nail polish...

    and I don't smoke too...
    So its not for me..
    But nice info Sweety.

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    ....good info..!

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    me too boy

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