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Thread: I need a help --- sHaLiN

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    I need a help --- sHaLiN

    How can I create mails like the mails which we get from nidokidos


    I also want to send mails to the Yahoo! group of nidokidos

    Please teach me how to do that
    And I will start sending mails to the group.

    How can I create such colorful mails with images and all that...

    Please help me.

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    Guys.. plz help me..
    i m eagerly waiting ..for a reply

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    HI............Shalin........hmmm...........YOUUUUU UUUUUUUUuu???????

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    Well Shalin i hope this will help you. I recd this mail from nidokidos yahoo group. I am just copy pasting it here for your reference.

    Please note our new rule for emails

    Due to mass emailing, it is very difficult for nidokidos management to check all emails. To make this process of moderating emails more easy, we are introducing a method to title emails according to its contents.

    The email senders should add a descriptive word about the contents of the emails so that we can easily sort out the emails and choose the best of emails to be forwarded on the group address. for example if some one want to share a video clip with us , and sends the clip as attachment to the nidokidos group then he should give a descriptive subject to the original subject of the email , e-g. - video - funny dog .

    This is also useful for the email receivers because they can easily sort out the emails, and filter the emails of their own interest very easily. similarly if you want to share an article then name that email such as , - article - work security , similarly funny images mails should have title like - funny pics - men of the year

    in brief, every email sender should add a descriptive word to the subject of email which will describe the contents of that email.

    from now on , email subjects format should be like that - email type - email title
    e-g - Hollywood - the new movies

    PS :- email senders who will not follow this rule , their emails will be not checked or Approved.

    To send your emails to all the group members send your email at
    [email protected]

    Don't Advertise any group / products / commercial websites in the mails

    Keep "OFF" Auto Replies

    Don't send X-rated / annoying material in the mails

    Don't send more then 5 email messages at group address in a day

    Here is a list for Allowed File types on the group
    *.jpg , *.jpeg (image files)
    *.mpg , *.mpeg (Movie files)
    *.mp3 (audio files)
    *.swf (Flash Movies)
    *.ppt (MicroSoft PowerPoint)
    *.pdf (Adobe Portable Document Format)
    Note:- Any other unknown file types or Compresses/ Zipped or Exe
    files are not Allowed

    Please keep in mind that all of the sent emails are not approved , only best of selected emails are sent to the group members. So if your mails are not approved in the first attempt , keep sending and try try again

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    I know the rules ash...
    But I wanna know how do I post pics in an e-mail .. and not as attachments..
    But like the mails we get

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    i think u have to add it as attachment only

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    No.. But we get mails..
    and the pics ... are not as attachments...

    How can I do that???

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    i think shalin that these moderators of yahoo group must be doing it after adding their site logo to pics

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    but i wanna know how to add it..
    i just wanna know it

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    Hi..............Your questions and ur quest is making me remind of someone whom I know so much..................hihihihi.............!!! Not none other than Me-this Fool-...My friend!!!

    I was also so eager to know how people make and post such beautiful mails....First I even thought they might be using some spl softwares...Perhaps may be...! But I was even unaware of the simplest method you know....Whenver I copy and paste the pictures it wouldn't appear in the mailpad....!!!! And whenever a mail comes in my mail box, I felt as it is mocking me..saying " You couldn't conquer me....bhudu..."!!!...and atlast I solve it in high cost.......Been so popular as....anyone else.....Poocho na yaar phir kya huva.....hihihihi !!!

    So, Ur question is also mocking me...but I dont care........hihihihi!

    I would like to tell you...You go to Yahoo flicker, or google ur picture and left click and hold the mouse dragging to the bottom of the picutre...means you highlighted it ok..? then copy it and paste it in yahoo mail or google...You can see ur picture there smiling and saying " Hey..You did it..!!!!" Pakka..yakkeen karo 100% guarantee...!!!!

    But am still in a quest to know how people add cute wordings in pictures..someone told me they are doing it using photoshop....Hum utna professionalist nahi hai yaar.....hihihihi!

    Now if you have more doubts regarding this please ask to me NEVER...hihihihi.......because whatever I know regarding this I told you.......ab kutch bacha hi nahi mere yaar.......!!!! hihihi.....

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