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Thread: Handling depression - [Health Informative]

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    Handling depression - [Health Informative]

    Handling depression - [Health Informative]
    How to Put an End to Depression

    Depression can have many, many faces.

    If you are not aware of your feelings and emotions on a daily basis,
    it can creep up on you and cause misery in your life when you least expect it.

    We get sad when we fail in our exams,
    when we're rejected by the person we love,
    or when someone very close to us passes away.

    Depression, however, could be more fatal than just plain sadness.
    It could cause life-long consequences that could ruin your self-esteem,
    your health, and your well-being.

    Here are some excellent tips for conquering depression
    and to help you get the most enjoyment out of your daily activities.

    1. Be Certain of Your Future Goals.

    If you have no goals then the future will seem uncertain.
    This will create anxiety and just add to the problem.
    Having goals gives you something to look forward to in life.
    They drive us on and create a desire for life.
    Keep your focus on your goals.

    2. Keep a Journal.

    Every day,

    write down your deepest feelings.
    Say what you want to say.
    Get it out of your head and onto paper.
    Don't hold back.

    This is a very therapeutic way to pull yourself back up.
    Keep writing down whatever comes into your mind and very soon
    you will feel your mood start to improve.
    Done properly, this method can create dramatic changes in emotion.

    3. Get Enough Light and Sunshine.

    Lack of exposure to sunlight is responsible for the secre'tion of the hormone melatonin,
    which could trigger a dispirited mood and a lethargic condition.

    Melatonin is only produced in the dark. It lowers the body temperature
    and makes you feel sluggish. If you are always cooped up in your room
    (with the curtains closed), it would be difficult to restrain yourself from staying in bed.

    This is the reason why many people are suffering from depression
    much more often in winter than in the other seasons.
    It's because the nights are longer.

    If you can't go outdoors to get some sunshine,
    you can always lighten up your room with brighter lights.
    Have lunch outside the office.
    Take frequent walks instead of driving your car over short distances.

    4. Keep Busy. Get Inspired About Something.

    It's a fact that people are happiest when they are producing something.
    Do some activity that you have always wanted to do.
    Live a life full of inspired activities.

    What is it that you really love to do?
    What are you passionate about?.

    Taking a nice walk in the park, playing sports, reading books,
    or listening to some soothing music.

    5. Make Some Time For Yourself.

    I mean it.

    Listen to soothing music.
    Soak in a nice warm bath.
    Ask one of your close friends to massage you.
    Take a break from your stressful workload and spend the day just
    goofing around.

    In other words, have fun.

    6. Eat Healthy and Exercise Regularly.

    Avoid foods with lots of sugar, caffeine, or alcohol.

    Sugar and caffeine may give you a brief moment of energy;
    but they would later bring about anxiety , tension, and internal problems.

    Alcohol is a depressant.
    Many people drink alcohol to "forget their problems."
    It never works.

    The ONLY way to handle problems is to confront them.
    Describe your problems in your journal fully.
    If you really face them the right solution might appear.

    Exercising regularly is a vital depression buster.

    (How to relax your body.
    Some very cool stuff for you all


    Details -

    7. Increase Your Social Life.

    Your friends are there to give you moral support.
    Spending time and engaging in worthwhile activities with your friends
    could give you a very satisfying feeling. Nothing feels better than having group support.

    Get intimate. Establish close ties with your family and friends.
    The love you get from others is very satisfying.
    In times of depression having stable influences around you is comforting.

    Really take control of your own life.
    Follow these tips.
    Come up with your own solutions.

    You really CAN do it!

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