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Thread: Get that teenage look!

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    Get that teenage look!

    Get that teenage look!

    Nostalgia isnít quite the emotion which you feel when you see teenagers hanging out near colleges nowadays right? It's a frustrated state of jealousy which almost triggers depression inside your mind that you will never have that figure and energy again. Fear not, for some simplistic changes in your lifestyle can rejuvenate that teenage vigour within you, even when you have close to 30 candles on your birthday cake!

    1. Challenge yourself every day
    Stop convincing yourself that exercising thrice a week is just about okay to 'maintain' your body. That would do just that, not give you the figure you dream of! Bunking exercise - whether at the gym or at home more than thrice a week is simply inappropriate. Challenge yourself to doing tougher or longer exercises every single day. Your body will tune on its own. After all, it is a movement machine, move it or lose it.

    2. Do strength-based exercises
    Strength based exercises are those which stretch your muscles and tone them for more activity. It is apt to load your bones at least thrice a week (but no more) for both men and women. With over 600 muscles in the human body, it just doesn't make sense to train the way most people do by isolating different muscles and bombarding them with labourious moves. Try to find exercises that use as many muscles as you possibly can.


    3. Water way to look young!
    Even after all those beauties on Indian television and cinema saying that it is water that they drink which helps get their glowing skin, why don't you believe them?! Glowing skin may be a myth, but drinking clean, fresh water at regular intervals definitely helps your digestive and circulations systems - whatever your age! Less than three to four glasses a day and your organs, your skin, your muscles and even your brain cease to operate effectively. If heading to work, get a bottle of mineral water.

    4. Processed food isnít cool!
    The next time you pick something off the mall shelves thinking that you will 'heat it and eat it' later, know that another name for processed food is 'denatured' food. All of the nature has been removed from it in order to make it last longer on the shelves. Do you really want to eat something without any 'nature' in it? Only you can decide that. Foods with colours and flavours and numbers instead of ingredients are more likely to end your life early than extend it. Opt for fresh produce, ensuring that 80% of what you eat comes from the bhajiwallah and not the processed foods counter at the mall.

    5. Eat less
    Enough has been talked about on over-eating and safe 'hogging'. Toss away all schedules and dietary plans if you tend to overeat all the time. They useless then. Eat four to five small meals a day rather than two humoungous meals complete with desserts helps you in the long run. Period. Be selective and practical if you love food too much to give up.

    6. Sleep more
    The human body requires sleep of both great quality and quantity. Your career and work schedule may require you to not sleep for much time but then don't dream of a toned body too! Try to sleep between the hours of 10pm and 2am to make the most of your body's hormonal repairs. The hours 2am to 6am are crucial to countering stress. In other words, all sleep is not the same. The timing is important too. Adequate sleep is also known to boost the immune system.

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    i m a teen ..
    so no need right now... may be later

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    Nostalgia.........isn't the emotion of our frustrated mind sweety.....I wont agree with that.

    For me Nostagia is that state of emotion where my mind always eagers to go once in a moment just to pay gratitude to those moments which still makes me ever green. It's not as frustrated. It's my own thought...........may be strange! hi!

    so nice info...really liked it!

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    ..honestly its really good info..!

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    kool much info u have

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    thanks to all

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