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Thread: Hair Mistakes to Avoid

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    Hair Mistakes to Avoid

    Hair Mistakes to Avoid

    Hair blunders are common mistakes women make and usually do not even realize it.
    Dark roots.
    If you color your hair, you also have to do maintenance. This means touching up your roots as they grow out.
    Pulling your hair back too tight.
    Leave some slack when pulling your hair back into a pony tail or bun. If it's too tight, it looks constricted and could also give you a headache.
    Thinking that the hair color sample on the box will give you identical results.
    Many factors influence the outcome of your hair color. Perms, other processing, and the amount of time you leave it in will all make a difference. If your hair doesn't match the box's sample color when you're done, it's probably because the model has a different natural hair color than your own

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    really informative..
    good post again

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    Thank you....really so informative!

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    ....yes indeed very informative...!

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    i use to colour but very little few hairs only...and that too sometimes...not now

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    thanks buddies

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