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Thread: Overcoming Dry Hair

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    Overcoming Dry Hair

    Overcoming Dry Hair
    Daily heat styling, constant chemical processing, over-shampooing, and frequent exposure to the sun and wind can dry out long hair. Getting rid of these nightmares are as easy as 1, 2, 3. Treating dry hair damage is basically done by using natural ingredients for a deep-conditioning treatment.
    Simple Solution
    1. A natural conditioner can offer an alternative cure for repairing dry hair.
    2. Simmer together one cup of milk, one cup of water, and dried rose petals.
    3. Allow mixture to cool and pour into a blender.
    4. Add a ripe avocado and two teaspoons each of honey and almond paste or almond oil without alcohol.
    5. Blend ingredients together.
    6. Massage "conditioner" into locks section by section, wrap hair in plastic, and rinse after 30 minutes.
    Long-term Solution
    1. Keep blow-drying to a minimum, avoid overlapping chemical treatments.
    2. Skip a shampoo day, and protect hair from the sun with a hat.


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    Informative post... and this one is useful to me

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    Ya..avoiding shampoo would be a wise decision. use nature..and be natural....!!! my doesn't match..........I know! HiHI!

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    ....Sweety really good info..thankyou...

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    nice valuable post

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    thanks to all
    hemas u r right da

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