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Thread: Nokia 3110 Evolve is not that evolved.......................

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    Nokia 3110 Evolve is not that evolved.......................

    Nokia 3110 Evolve is not that evolved

    At the Nokia World 2007 event held in Amsterdam Nokia announced today the Nokia 3110 Evolve handset. It's a rather strange ofering as it doesn't really offer any evolution as compared to the Nokia 3110 classic, which was announced back in February and is already available. It looks a lot like the Nokia 3500 classic and it offers the same hardware characteristics as the Nokia 3110 classic. The body panels of the new Nokia 3110 Evolve however are said to be produced from bio-sourced materials, which is a heads up to ecology-minded users.

    The Nokia 3110 Evolve will be available in Q1 2008. No info on the expected price is yet available.


    Editorial comment: We wish we could have been able to report to you with more details live from Amsterdam where the Nokia World event is held but unfortunately it seems that Nokia staff either doesn't find our website major enough to spare an invitation, or they simply give priority to Nokia- and Symbian-oriented fan sites. We went into a great deal of effort in order to obtain an invitation, but we were turned down by everyone we've contacted.

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    looks good.. but i think that it has ot enough facelities

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    hmm okay type for me

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