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    A gentle breeze brushes the trees;
    The scent of roses fills the air.
    Leaves flutter idly in the wind,
    Dappling the warm noon sunlight
    On the soft grass below.

    I lie with my face to the sky,
    Its jewel-like blue dazzling me
    Before I close my eyes
    To soak up the warmth of the sun,
    Letting my thoughts wander where they will.

    The grass tickles my bare feet,
    And the breeze tugs at my hair.
    I feel such a comforting warmth on my face,
    Yet a pleasant coolness on my back.

    I am perfectly content,
    Lazily shifting to find more sun,
    And I wonder why people always
    Search for Heaven in the blue vault above
    When they can find it here on earth,
    For this is surely it.

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    too good..

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    Hmmmmmmmm...........So nice............! wonderful!

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    thanks Shalin & Hema

    Have Great Day!

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