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Thread: Good-bye

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    We never thought this day would come,
    But it's finally here at last,

    What once was our bright future,
    Is now are dim-lit past,

    But we hold onto the memories,
    The lessons that we learned,


    The pathways we have traveled down,
    The corners that we turned,

    And soon we say our sad goodbyes,
    That will last us forever,

    We may see each other again,
    Maybe once or maybe never,

    So make your goodbyes ones to remember,
    The kind that will stay in their heads,

    Those are the goodbyes they will treasure,
    The ones that were sad to be said.

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    Sometimes...In Life, Some moments make us to stand in such a place where we couldn't say anything..nor we can stand quite unsaid....!!! We knew it deep inside that it is better to say bye than facing that moment!

    Some say bye..before leaving........
    Just to make their dearones know
    They are leaving them for sometime
    and will be back just after sometime....

    Some leave us without saying a bye....
    Making us to wander in search of them
    In wide paths of life without aware of ways....
    Just to know how they are,where they are...

    Before leaving say a bye..
    to mean you will come back soon.....
    or to mean you wont like them to wander!!!

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    hmmmm hema true very true

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    yeah just hope both of you arent saying bye for now. those arent words one likes to hear

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    Really nice.

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    Lalliv............ofcourse am not leaving.

    If in future I have to...definitly I will get you know.....and will say a Big Bye..ok....???

    Keep smiling....Have nice day..!

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    Hmmmm leaving this forum its going to be difficult so for now i am not saying Bye i am saying Hi

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    Tom Jerry
    Nice one.Thank You.

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    nice poem dear

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    ....Ash nice poem...

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