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Thread: Love Always

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    Love Always

    Mere words cannot do justice
    to the feelings in her heart
    the way she feels
    and needs
    and aches for
    the way that
    she carries his smile
    in her soul
    and takes it out
    from time to time
    just to make the everyday
    seem a little more
    the way a thousand voices ring
    in her ears
    yet she only hears
    his unspoken words
    the way every thought
    every sight and sound
    reminds her
    of something else
    of someone else
    of him
    and the way she loves
    unlike she's ever loved
    without all the pretense
    and confines
    that she had believed
    to be love
    the way she knows
    even though
    this love will remain untouched
    it has touched her
    and though she will never feel
    his hand
    in the small of her back
    he has guided her
    back into life
    and love
    and she will love

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    nice poem ash

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    thanks sweety

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    Yes.. sweety is right.. it is really rocking..

    Nice poem...

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    Ash....I cant say anything.........because no apt word is there to describe how nice it is.........really so nice!

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    hey Hema thanks dear ............. how are you?

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    hmm...fine....apka jo den hai....Your posts made me engaged today..... thanks a lot!

    Hope you are also in the pink of health and happiness...may God Bless u always...

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    Ohhh hema nice to hear that

    & ya i am doing well as usual ........... Thanks

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