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Thread: Bytes Out of Lives

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    Bytes Out of Lives

    Little black words
    race across a white screen
    where faceless people sit
    alone yet not alone
    with lonely voids to fill.
    Silent words call out
    and quickly draw them in
    painting love and illusion
    on stark computer palettes.
    The little black words
    race across white screens
    filling hearts and minds
    with passion.
    Two souls reach out
    to touch one another
    in hollow little word worlds
    where things are shared
    that shouldn't be.
    A lonely spouse sits by the bed
    starved for love and understanding
    and with each new keystroke
    in another room
    the little black words
    dig the gulf between them
    just a little bit wider.


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    i love it cute

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    cute who me or poem ..................lolz

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    now .. after a long break.. noone was posting in this category for some days...

    now you have started it again.. and i am loving it..

    Thanks a lot

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    hey shalin thanks buddy

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    Quote Originally Posted by ash2032
    cute who me or poem ..................lolz


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    hmmmmmm well me cute ........... nice joke da

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    Let me thank you for making posts ash....really so nice!

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    Hey hema no need for thanks whatever i like, i like to share with my friends

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