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Thread: Always Lock Your Car Door !!!

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    Always Lock Your Car Door !!!

    I canít say this often enough to my female friends - lock your car doors everytime you get in the car!

    This is not a forwarded email, nor a chain mail duplication. I have personally lost a friend to stabbing because he didnít lock his door and someone else wanted a quick buck. Please BE ALERT and PREPARED everytime you are planning to get in the car. Try to practice these safety tips each time if you treasure your life:

    1) Look around. It doesnít hurt to be extra paranoid. If there are people behaving suspiciously, be safe rather than sorry. Go back in the building or get someone to accompany you to your car.

    2) Have your keys on hand. Donít go to your car and fumble around for the keys in your bag. Youíll stand out like a pawn to be sacrificed. Donít re-arrange the contents of your bag outside your car either, go right in first.

    3) Once the path is clear, head straight for the car, enter and lock it immediately! Maintain alertness so you can drive off or create noise in case someone suspicious is approaching.

    I was reminded of these safe practices when I received an email from an aunt who just went through a near miss, am glad she didnít fall victim. I attach her email below:

    Dear Friends

    Greetings and yes, we always think it will happen to others but not ourselves.

    Tonight as I was reversing out of my house, I saw a motor bike and someone behind my car from the mirror. I thought it could be someone looking for me, but automatically I pressed my door lock down and it was not a second too fast! Even as I pressed my lock, this man pulled the car handle. I thought I was slow to lock and he would open the door, but Thank God, I had locked it in time! When he could not open the door he ran away and I heard the motorbike go off. I was so shaken, I just pressed my horn in case they decided to come back. For a long time, there were shivers going down my back. What would have happened if I did not lock the car door? So now I have really learnt my lesson and I AM GOING TO LOCK MY CAR THE SECOND I AM INSIDE and I will look around in case there are people waiting about! I will also not open my automatic gate until I am safely inside the car with the doors locked!

    Make it a habit to lock your doors immediately please!

    We are really living in unsafe times.

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    Thanks for taking care

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    hmm..very usefull info...!!

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    ..good info..!

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