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Thread: garbage social meance

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    garbage social meance

    hi friends
    Lets all become a little sensitive to how we throw out our trash.Its important that we realize that the person who is picking our trash is also as human as us and its also important that we realize that we have a responsibility to the surrounding as much as we have to the place we live in.
    lets all be just a little socially alert and not let the others take care of it.lets make it a cleaner world to live in

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    yeah i completely agree wit dat.....jst somedays ago..i read an article in INDIA TODAY....which says.dat SURAT in GUJRAT is d best maintained area in d country....

    they have ZERO tolerence for garbage.i mean u vl not see any stupid stuff on roads....the road wich connects to the airport has about 300 slums on because of the perfect waste management techniques ..everything is neat and clean

    we should appreciate the civic authorities of surat..for such a management...i think every other civic body in the country should learn frm dem...


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    ....kool..good info...

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    ya i too agreee...make bags of the waste u throw...use paper bags in ur dustbins so that it help them and the enviorment plastic not good for nature.....

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