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Thread: Cherished Friends!!

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    Cherished Friends!!

    God must have known there would be times
    We'd need a word of cheer
    Someone to praise a triumph
    Or brush away a tear.
    He must have known we'd need to share
    The joy of "little things"
    In order to appreciate
    The happiness life brings.
    I think he knew our troubled hearts
    Would sometimes throb with pain
    At trials and misfortunes
    Or some goals we can't attain.
    He knew we'd need the comfort
    Of an understanding heart
    To give us strength and courage
    To make a fresh, new start.
    He knew we'd need companionship
    And so God answered the heart's great need
    With a cherished you.


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    nice one ... you rock

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    Nice one..sweety

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    wow...lovely....i really liked it

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