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    Friend is someone who is my dear,
    A friend is someone who dry my tear,
    whom I trust without any fear,
    To give me the comfort he's always there,
    he touches my heart and see me near,
    A friend is a lover and sweet as pear,
    Friendship is an unbreakable band,
    the one with whom I share is a friend,
    he is the one who falls in my heart,
    and save from unhappiness act as a guard,
    It is hard to find a true friend,
    Who begin with us and live till end,
    friendship is a snow easy to make hard to keep,
    The relation between friends is very deep,
    he tells me the position where to stand,
    I love my friend he is my good right hand.


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    good one ...

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    ..Sweety this is honestly so sweet..!

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    Friends are always so.......and let it always be a part of Ur life....!!!!

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    Guest sweet yes friend i a wonderful thing of nature

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