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    You crashed my spirit
    Blackened my soul
    Broke my heart
    And made me cold


    You ripped it up
    You tore it out
    As if you know what loves about

    You said you loved me
    You said you cared
    You said no matter what
    You would always be there

    You told me to trust you
    And Iíd never get hurt
    With love you thrust me
    And threw me aside like a pile of dirt

    Alone and lost
    Cold and afraid
    All because three little words I wish you didnít say

    Have you forgotten the promise that you made?
    Or were those meaningless words that you only said?

    Whatever the reason
    I gave you my heart
    And your act of treason
    Tore it apart

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    Nice one...

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    hmmm.........wat to say lived....???? Some deep feelings are reflecting....

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    thanx shalin

    gud 2 c u liked it hemasnair...

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